Alessandro Baccini

Oboe(Oboe d'amore, Corno inglese), Strumenti Antichi





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He begins on the Italian musical scene in 1986, in the "Tribune for Young Italian Soloists", accompanied by the orchestra of the Gran Teatro La Fenice of Venice, beside Giovanni Sollima and of Paolo Restani.

The international record Debut as soloist, in 1992, it is with the European Community Chamber Orchestra, in the concert K 314 of W.A. Mozart, close to Sergio Azzolini and Michele Carulli.

Concluded very young, in 1982, the study of "Ancient woodwinds Instruments" to the Conservatorium "B. Marcello" of Venice, Alessandro Baccini graduate also in "Oboe", magna cum laude, in Venice 1986, and so also, in 1990, it gets the high diploma to the Musikhochschule in Freiburg im Breisgau with Heinz Holliger.

Winner of national and international juvenile competitions of Instrument and Chamber Music with the most varied formations: duo oboe and piano, reeds trio, wind quartet, flute, oboe and b.c.

After, he devotes, with increasing interest, both to the activity of recording soloistic music as to that chamber and contemporary music with the "Ex Novo Ensemble di Venezia"; recording for: ASV, Pick Wick, Dynamics, Edi Pan, Stradivarius, Tactus, Bongiovanni, C.I.R.S.

How soloist or "camerista" he has participated in the most greater international Festivals and he has played in Europe, America and Russia.

He was First Oboe of the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra and he has collaborated, as First Part, with different Italian orchestras and foreigners, as the Symphonic Orchestra of the R.A.I. in Milan, the Norddeutsche Rundfunk, the Orch¸stre Rˇgionale de Picardie, the European Community Chamber Orchestra.

His recordings for Pick Wick (1992, W.A. Mozart. Concert for Oboe and Orchestra K 314), Bongiovanni (1997, T. Albinoni Concertos for Oboe and orchestra), Tactus (1998, A. Besozzi Sonatas for Oboe and B.C., 2001, C. Yvon All the Music for Oboe), Stradivarius (B. Maderna Aulodia for Oboe and Dialodia), Edi Pan (contemporary chamber music), Dynamics, ASV.

He is Oboe Teacher at a National Conservatory of Music in Italy.

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